Boy Erased by Garrard Conley

Under the pressure of his parents – a Baptist priest and his wife – 19-year-old Garrard Conley had to join the “Love in Action” program, that claimed to “cure” homosexuality. Otherwise, he would lose his family, his friends, and God, to whom he prayed every single day.

Brilliantly written and shocking, Conley’s debut follows a young man’s journey towards his real identity, his patient overcoming of trauma and shame, fuelled by his fanatic and prejudiced environment. The precise fact-based descriptions of the maddening therapy take turns with lyrical paragraphs and thoughts about love and the nature of sexuality.

From the most intimate moments to the most politically and socially charged messages Conley’s Boy Erased is an intelligent, significant and honest book.

Boy Erased was filmed by Joel Edgerton with a cast including Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, and Lucas Hedges.

Boy Erased is published by Colibri Publishing in partnership with Single Step Foundation, whose mission is to support, motivate and empower young LGBTI people. All proceeds will be donated to support the only comprehensive services for LGBTI youth in Bulgaria, provided by Single Step.


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