Mravin and the Planet Forest

The little ant Mravin has lost the anthill that was his home yesterday. While grieving in the woods and not knowing what to do, he meets the forest courier Miss Beetle and her life partner, Miss Butterfly. Their adventure begins with blueberry to satisfy the hunger of the orphaned ant and continues in search of a new home in which he is loved and happy. Along the way, they will meet different forest dwellers, each with its own oddities and differences. “Mravin and the planet Forest” takes young and old to a world where it is most important to be together and to love each other, even though we are different.

About the author: Velikan Vasileva

The pseudonym Velikan Vasileva has sentimental value for the author because a person dear to her heart called her a “giant” (velikan in Bulgarian). The idea of writing the book comes from the person to whom it is dedicated, and the need for children’s literature to tell about the “different”, animals and insects. “Mravin and the Planet Forest” is the first book in a series to come.

The Single Step Foundation and the Parents Association supported the project not only because of its exceptional artistic, literary and visual value, but also because of the important human messages presented to the purest audience – children who do not need complex answers, but examples of love.


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